Prieglaudos lankymas

Visits to animal shelters by Kaunas Antanas Smetona gymnasium  Project group


During two year of project “Developing Empathy for Animals” Kaunas Antanas Smetona gymnasium students and teachers were visiting by Kaunas-based shelters “Fifth leg” and “Laura’s shelter”.

First of all, the students were introduced with the specifics of shelters, with terms of acceptance to the shelters animals which become homeless. Some of them are thrown into the streets, others their owners just give to the shelters. In the shelters any injured or sick homeless animals is given veterinary treatment and if it is possible to save the animal, he is treated there. In order to find the animal a new home the staff of shelter is taking photo, which is posted on the Internet to find real or new owners.

Visiting shelters students tried to help homeless animals by strolling them, feeding and taking care of them. It has been organized various campaigns to gather the necessary tools for everyday animals life.

Participants of the project twice visited “Laura’s shelter” and gave charity, collected food, litter, care products.

During two year period shelter “Fifth leg” was attended regularly. Students voluntarily were sharing their love, taking care and attention to the needs of homeless animals.

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